Snippets in Photos and Captions: Part Two


On days when it looks like this, I feel like nourishment goes straight to my bones.

These are a couple of cuties that I happened upon in the park. The boy on the right of the photo broke his arm falling out of a tree. The boy on the left of the photo has his ear pierced in a way that I wasn't allowed to until I was fourteen! (BTW, YaYa does not have her ears pierced. I'm saving it for a special grown-up ten or something like that. She hasn't asked, anyway.)

Volleyball in the park. These guys are really good! We love to sit and watch them.

Solo says hello to a dog as we leave the park.

Our neighbors always do laundry right after it rains, with the rain-water from their roof.

Here's a cool house I saw when we were on the road to Chitwan National Park. Built in the old style. 

Homemade soccer pitch. With water buffalo!

Kid A deftly crossing a wooden bridge. Trying to pass on the left. His pants are covered in grass seeds, the kind that get in your clothes and don't come out. I have no idea what to do about them, except pick them out one by one, which is insanity.

Water buffalo bliss. You can smell the happiness.

Trying to take shots from a moving vehicle doesn't work very well, but still I try.

Goats in the road!

Another road picture. These are the earth huts of the Tharu people. Really lovely.

This lady on the bus has a chicken in her bag! (Chinua's photo.)

Drawing time at home. (I love Claudia's art case, designed by a friend of ours.)

We took this photo to wish my parents a happy anniversary. I love these kids.

I came into the kitchen one day and was confronted by this carnage. What happened here?

This is the shop where I buy my milk in the morning. The woman whose head is peeking over the bread is the mother of the man who owns the shop with his wife. They are the sweetest couple. They have a tiny baby who cries when I try to hold her.

Out for lunch at the sandwich shop. Good lassis, good sandwiches.

Hello. I am handsome, kind, whimsical, and quirky. Also growing at the speed of light.

And I? Am handsome, full of life, and slightly insane. If you give me a choice between disagreeing and agreeing, I will always disagree! Because contradiction is fun! It's the most fun there is! Try it sometime, and see.

No idea what is going on here. I love that sunny smile of Kid A's, though.

And last but not least, here is Claudia, trying to catch some zzzz's in the park, on a hot day.