Week in the Life- Tuesday

Oh my... what are we going to do? I have too many photos.

Well, let's dive in.

On Tuesday, we left our little apartment in Pokhara bringing our many bags with us.

We got on the bus.


We drove for about three hours and the bus ride was over. We were dropped off in a little village where we needed to catch a jeep up the mountain, into Bandipur.

Solo said goodbye to a friend he made on the bus.

The kids waited while we worked on our negotiations.

After a while we settled on a jeep.

Solo joked with the driver.

We drove up into the clouds.

With the goats.

And wound up in Bandipur, an old Newari village with no cars.

We checked into a guest house in a traditional Newari building.

The room wasn't much bigger than this photo.

I love these windows with the wide window seats inside.

We headed off for lunch.

And managed to play a little chess while we were waiting for our lunch.

We ate Dahl Bhat. (Nepali Thali) It was some of the best we've ever had. Even Chinua liked it. (Chinua notoriously does not like dahl baht.) Oh, it was good.

Then Chinua headed off to rest, and the kids and I went on a walk.

Solo likes to join in wherever he goes.

And YaYa, well. She likes her animals.

We walked into the hills for a while, and turned back after the goats. All the way back to the village, Solo acted like a chicken.

I don't know why. I guess it's because there were plenty of chickens around. He was obsessed. Always trying to catch them.

He has nice wings.

Back at the guesthouse, I talked to people outside in my limited Nepali...

While the kids took a break and watched a movie.

Soon after, it was time to head out and find dinner. Solo shared a moment with the fellow behind him, wearing his hat, which we quickly tried to get him to return. (We have reason to suspect other people's hats in this subcontinent.)

He put it back very nicely.

We sat in the square for awhile, and ate momos after, then headed for bed. And that was Tuesday.

(There are more photos in the Flickr Set.)