Ten Things on our Tenth Anniversary

1. He sings all the time, even while we're driving on the scooter in the rain.

2. His neck (just under his hair) is the safest place.

3. When he laughs hard he brings me into the joke by grabbing me and falling on me. But if it's really really funny, he runs out of the room completely. In Mr. Bean's Summer Holiday, he ran so far, laughing, he nearly left the theater.

4. He is tall and strong and his arms go right around me.

5. Yesterday I wasn't coping with things well, and he went to get me ice cream and bottled green tea. He's excellent at pinpointing solutions in difficult situations. (Like a crying wife on the bed.)

6. He and I have grown up so much in these ten years! He is easily irritated and I am easily offended, but more and more he listens and understands, and more and more I try hard to be reasonable. We've become quite the old pros. (With the occasional fallout to keep us humble.)

7. He makes up the craziest stories or songs and tells or sings them to us. He plays with the kids like a kid.

8. We love each other more because of all the deserts and storms and jungles we've come through. We've been weathered, burned, and soaked, and oh, we are blissed out on love.

9. His music is so beautiful, it gives me goosebumps. He is the best guitar player in the world, with the most beautiful voice.

10. He loves me!