Kerala retreat

So my dream of easy access to WiFi was just that: a dream. But the dream of rest and art and friendship has become a beautiful reality.

We've both been a bit worn down in the last year, but this week we've been laughing and eating, dreaming and adventuring (in adventures both planned and unplanned). Leaf and I are great traveling companions. We both love spontaneity, we love Indian things from the very simple Indian roadside food stall to the occasional splash of something a little more fancy, and we love quirky people, who we seem to meet everywhere we go. We've been on trains, in taxis, on a ferry, and in many, many auto rickshaws. We each encouraged the other to buy something that we looked fabulous in, despite it being a little beyond our regular budget. Like girls do.

Tomorrow I'll head home, rested and content, happy to hug my family, so thankful for my friend Leaf.