We will have somewhere to sit.

I am a superhero, flying around Chiang Mai and surrounding villages on my scooter to furnish our house on a budget. It's a dreamy and challenging place to do it. There is a whole wood village where they sell furniture, but this is no Ikea. For three days I have compared prices and styles of dining room tables in shops around the village, I have trekked around in the scorching midday sun. I'm a bit sunburned, but I'm doing it! I drank the water of three coconuts. Coconut water is a secret that I have discovered about shopping in hot, outdoor Asian markets. Drink a coconut. You'll feel much better.

There is a truck headed for Pai with our table, benches, rattan love seat and chairs, and desks on it. Success!

Today I pick up my new sewing machine, shop for fabric, (another story) and get back on the bus for the three hour drive to Pai. Today I will be a fabric shopping superhero!