A pic, a memory, and a new blog.

Isaac and Wookie.jpg

* I posted this on Instagram with the caption: These two follow me everywhere. Everywhere! I am an Isaac and Wookie magnet! I'm blessed.

* The list I wrote yesterday, of people who came to Pai this past year, was by no means exhaustive. Other beloved people came and lit our hearts with joy, then went again. And topping that list were my parents. The fact that my parents were able to come and see us in Thailand sent a glow into our entire year, and certainly into the first months of Isaac's life. I miss them and hope they can come again soon. I never stand on my porch without remembering my mom there with her coffee and a book in the morning, or tea in the afternoon.

* I'm announcing a new blog! I had an idea lately, inspired by other, similar blogs, of posting a photo a day for my dear friend who lives in a different country, while she shares a photo with me. I asked my friend what she thought of it, and she responded with excitement!

So here it is: I Wanted To Tell You (A Friendship in Pictures). You know Leaf by now, who lives in India and has a wild and colorful life and who has become dearer to me as the years go on. Well, I'm proud to have been the one who toppled her into blogging. It's a simple little blog, with a couple of images every day and just a few words. We're calling it a love letter to each other. Subscribe and email subscription options should be up tomorrow.