Aveline Book 2 is out in the world!


The second book in the Aveline Series, is out! A continuation of the stories set in my fictional central California lake town. These books are romantic and quirky, whimsical but real. I recommend starting with The Lost Art of Reverie, (on sale for only 99 cents today!) and then reading book 2. I plan for six books in this series.

Praise for The Lost Art of Reverie:

"I have always loved this author’s style of writing. She takes the reader inside the heart of the characters and they are relatable and lovable. I can’t wait for the sequel! You won’t be disappointed with this new book."

"This book was an absolute DELIGHT. I bought it to read during a 9-day camping trip, but then stayed up until 2 am one right and plowed through it. I usually fall asleep after 1-2 pages of bedtime reading."

"As an anxiety prone person, I found this book to be a gift. Many times while reading I felt so deeply not alone that I wanted to hug the author and thank her for her words." 

"Fall in love with these characters, their flaws, their faith, their lives. Rae is a wonderful author, she has such a way with words and describing people, situation and circumstances. There are so many like able characters in this book you want to go to Aveline to meet each of them."

Enjoy, share, and let me know what you think!


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It's today! Launch Day for The Lost Art of Reverie!

I love launch days! It’s so fun to finally release a book into the world, after months or years of work. (This one took years… I wrote the first draft in 2017, but kept back-burnering it to focus on World Whisperer.)

I’ve been hearing the kindest, sweetest responses to this little fledgling bird.

One reader said that the only word she can use for it is “cozy.” Another said it’s like you just want to tuck away and be in Aveline with new friends. And another said it is “fun, insightful and delightful… therapy in a beautiful bouquet.”

And a lovely reviewer on Amazon said “Rae doesn't just tell a story, she invites us into the lives, hearts and minds of her characters.”

That is exactly what I hope to do.

Buy or borrow the ebook version of The Lost Art of Reverie here.

Buy the paperback version here.

Or here.

Love to you all,