World Whisperer Launch Day!

Today is the day!!! 

I've been having some technical trouble with the paperback edition, which should be solved in a day or two, but the Kindle version of World Whisperer is live in the Amazon store and because of my desire to start this series strong, it is 99 cents for a limited time. 

Seven years ago, Isika’s mother walked out of the desert with three children in tow, leading the priest of the Worker village to marry her and take in her children. In all those years, fourteen-year-old Isika has never been able to fit in as a Worker or live up to her role as the priest's daughter, and worse, she has been helpless against the tragedies that have fallen on her family. 

But now the four goddesses they serve want another sacrifice, and Isika's stepfather has chosen the next child to be sent out to sea: the little brother who Isika loves more than anything. 

This time Isika will not be powerless. 

  Together, she and her two remaining siblings leave the walls of the Worker village to save their brother, traveling into unknown lands and magic they never could have imagined.

Feedback on World Whisperer has been amazing, with readers describing it as "all-consuming," "a fantastic read," "with a spectacular setting reminiscent of Oz or Narnia." 

If you need a little adventure in your life, World Whisperer is the book for you.

Here's the excerpt and here's the link where you can buy it for your Kindle.

I do this on my own, and so appreciate the tweets, shares, or any way you use to pass knowledge along. Word of mouth is the strongest advertisement. Thanks so much for your support. I'll be hanging out on facebook at about 7:00 PST this evening to hang out and answer questions, so maybe I'll see you then!