A birthday party for Leafy.


Leafy turned eight a couple weeks ago. The moms at our birthday party spoke to their kids in Japanese and Swedish, as well as Australian accents. The boys ran around with swords or lightsabers. I never plan ahead enough, always imagining that I can get far more done in the hours that I have, but things go well anyway, with enough food and cake for everyone, and everyone having fun. This is real Science. When you have a finite amount of time and you try to do too much inside of that finite amount, add eight-year-old boys, flexible adults, and toddlers, and you’ll find that it becomes sparkling and fun. Not everyone likes these kinds of birthday parties, but they’re all that we know how to do.
Kai had gone out and bought the snacks and ingredients for punch. When he got back he opened bags of chips and put them into bowls, made the punch, and put it on the table. Kenya had gone to the stationary store and bought the wrapping paper. She helped Chinua wrap the presents. She decorated the room. I cooked and baked too much cake. Chinua took care of the games. Leafy was the star 8 year old, sharing his toys, being his usual gracious self.
After the party I walked up to Kai and gave him a side hug. (Because I’m cool like that. Sometimes. Sometimes I pester him with kisses.)
“Thanks for being awesome and helping so much with everything,” I said.
“Thanks for making the best birthday party ever,” he said. (And it wasn’t even his birthday!)
I love how we make things happen together now. It makes me feel like we could do anything.