you look as though you could use some

it is a steady rain.
a blinding shower 
a rush of water, a shriek of mud river 
catching branches, buckets, trees 
we can do nothing but 
wait for it to take our breath 
raging, singing out into the night 

flashlight on water 
concrete people 
the scene of some long intended crime. 

can i offer you some of this water? 
it seems as though we have too much 
and you look as though you could use some 

the heart beats faster 
a tiny bird caught in the chest 
a rattle inside the net of fragile jewel-encrusted bone.
how to shield it from that dangerous hope—
it always gets me in the end
the river marches
a glint in its eye—a story without a finish 

i am afraid to be always the ones scattering the seed
and watching the flood carry it away.