On Being Pregnant (because I like lists)

Some positive things about pregnancy:

1. I take vitamins. I never take vitamins otherwise, not even when I'm nursing. (although I hope to do better with that this time) Not only do I take a handful of vitamins every night, I also drink a concoction of herbs that tastes like hay; brimming with good nutrients for health in the areas of pregnancy and childbirth. And it's no wonder that it tastes like hay. The herbs are raspberry leaf, nettles, alfalfa and oatstraw. I've grown to like it, actually, seeing that I drink a liter (a quart, right?) of it every day. I feel amazingly healthy. I actually recommend it to any pregnant women out there who think they might have leanings toward drinking tea that tastes like hay (and provides excellent reproductive health). I'm expecting a shipment of six pounds of it on Friday, so you can even come over to my house for a gallon or so, if you'd like.

2. People take things from you when you're carrying them. Even your husband. I mean, I'm used to the single guys around here suddenly exploding into gentlemanliness, but sometimes husbands believe their wives are so capable that they forget to offer to carry things. It's really nice to be walking along with something like, say, a pillow, and have a man swoop down on you and pluck it out of your hands saying, "Here now, I don't believe you should be carrying that." It's true, though, that this principle can work in reverse. It's the principle of: If you don't act sick, people will treat you like you're well. I have a hard time slowing down, ever, so I sometimes end up sitting sorry for myself, wondering why no one treats me any differently because I'm pregnant. It's the lesson of my life that you need to let people know what you need.

3. You have a little friend with you everywhere you go. I'm sitting by myself, thinking about bill paying or car registration, and suddenly, tap tap tap. My little inner friend is communicating with me. Of course, this becomes much less desirable toward the end when there just really isn't enough room for both of you in one body. I remember arching my back with all my might with Kid A, trying to make just a little more space so he could enjoy his little stretch without squishing organs permanently. Turns out there really wasn't enough room for him in there. He came out with a crooked head and face, from being cramped for a little too long.

4. There is a special hormone given to you in pregnancy, one that is designed to keep you from harming your children because you are so irritable and grumpy. The effect that this hormone has on you is like a big giant dose of giddiness over how adorable and amazing your kids are. You could eat them. You could pick them up and squeeze them until they protest and you ignore them and they keep protesting until you finally listen and give up and put them down. You actually do this. And I am blessed, because the YaYa Sister appears to have entered her cuddly lovey stage at the same time, so we can cuddle and cuddle to my hearts content. She likes to get her blankie (she calls it her "bing") and lay on my chest and make contented humming noises. It's great.

This is really all I can think of for now, since I'm not actually the biggest fan of being pregnant, but it was therapeutic for me to write about it in a positive way.