The Weekend in Quotes- Just a little this and a little that.

The cast: Mom, Dad, brothers Gregor and Matty, sister Becca, future sister-in-law Lara (Matty's girlfriend), superstar husband, Kid A, YaYa, of course me, and a non-speaking role by the Leaf Baby.

At Teatime:

Matty to me: "Do you have any loose leaf tea where you're from?"


Jetlagged Superstar husband trying to stay awake: "Rooibos doesn't have any caffeine in it?"
Me: "Nope."
SH: "Then why am I drinking it?"


S.H.: "This package literally says 'No Name' on it."
Lara: "Yeah. It's No Name brand."
S.H.: "Wow. Does anything sound less appealing than 'No Name, Plain, Digestive Biscuits'?"
Me: "Actually... that sounds really good to me. That's why I bought it."

On Boundaries

Becca: "Don't crack my toes, Matty."
Matty: "Why not?"
Becca: "Because. You just can't crack other people's toes." (Now you know.)

On Fashion

Becca: "Matty's the fashion guru. He used to tell me how to dress all the time. He was kinda bossy about it."
Lara: "Oh yeah. He was trying to get me to wear two belts, like him, and he was all like, 'Come on, you'll look so cool,' and I said, 'I don't want to, it just won't work for me,' and he kept going on about it until he finally put them on me."
Becca: "He really put them on you?"
Lara: "Yeah."
Becca: "Whoa."


Kid A: "My blood turned to fire."
Lara: "Your blood turned to fire?"
Kid A: "Yeah."
Lara: "Wow."

Old Times

Me: "Do you remember when the guys used to hang onto my car and skateboard down the street?"
Becca: "Yes, I remember that."
Me: "Didn't somebody fall off, once?"
Becca: "Alex did. He got road-rash."
Me: "That was not so responsible."


Mom: "There was that time that Becca had Matty on a chair with wheels and was ready to push him down a big hill. She was only four, and he was two. We stopped them just in time."
Dad: "She was always very adventurous on his behalf."

On Relationships

YaYa pointing to my sister who is two years younger than I am: "Is dat your mom?"
Me: "No, sweetie, that's my sister."
YaYa: "Oh."

On the Tim Tam Slam

Becca: "Okay, Gregor, it's your turn. You need to bite the opposite corners off of the Tim Tam, and then suck the tea through it. As soon as you get the tea all the way through, pick the whole thing up and throw it in your mouth!"
Gregor: "Yes, but what does it all mean?"

Most Surprising thing out of Matty (aka Metal Matt)

Me: "I kinda like this song." (With no clue who was singing it.)
Matty: "Me too. I love Beyonce."

On Canadian Cartoons

Lara: "What was the guy's name, on The Raccoons? The one with the long nose?"
Me: "Oh, geez, I don't know. Snoogle? Snorgle?"
Lara: "Something like that. I loved that show."
Me: "Me too. Do you remember the show Smoggies? Another Canadian favorite... Hey- what's with the Canadian cartoons and the environmental themes?"
Lara: "Yeah, they were all about not polluting."
Me: "The bad guys all littered and dumped waste in the ocean."

On Tattoos

(After we have all been admiring the tattoos on Matty's hands and chest and stomach.)

Superstar husband: "I don't think I could ever get a tattoo."
Matty: "Oh, really?"
SH: "But if I did, it would be all hundred of the Smurfs, on my chest."
Lara: "With Gargamel? In the background?"
SH: "Oh yeah, his face would be rising up above them, with his eyes peeking up over my shirt."

(I'll interject here to say that my Superstar husband used to always say that he wanted a Smurf wedding, before we got married.)

On Getting Older

Me: "Did you just throw something at my head?"
Mom (laughing): "Yeesssss."
Me: "I don't think you've ever thrown anything at my head before. What's happening?"
Mom (still laughing) "Oh no! I'm losing my inhibition!"
Me: "Hey Dad! Did you see Mom throw something at my head? Chinua- did you see that?"

On Napoleon Dynamite

Mom: "I didn't like it."
Me: "I didn't like it the first time I saw it, either, but it gets funnier every time."
Becca: "I didn't like it the first time I saw it, either."
Matty: "How many times have you seen it?"
Becca: "Once."
Matty: "You can't say, the first time you saw it, if you've only seen it once."
Becca: "Yes I can. I'm planning to see it again."

And, On Drinking

(We turn around and find Leaf sucking on an empty wine bottle...)

Superstar Husband: "Leaf's hitting the bottle kinda early, isn't he?"
Mom: "He'll sleep well."