Party Time

I'm home.

Not only am I home, but I have been swallowed up by my non-writing/internet life. I do have one. Oh, do I have one.

How is it possible to have a baby welcoming/shower, housewarming party, goodbye party, birthday, and Thanksgiving going on in the span of one week? I like to call it the frightening week of cake and glee. And pies. Thanksgiving is kind of a big thing, here at the Land, and a bunch of good friends are coming to celebrate with us, like they do each year. One year we took a picture of all the pies, and the table was literally weeping with the weight.

The housewarming party is for us. I'm pretty excited, especially since I got to register at Target for house gifts. I don't know whether you remember this post, but if you do you know that I've never registered for anything before, and really, I don't even so much care if I get any of the gifts, it was worth it just to aim that scanner thingy at bar codes. SO MUCH FUN! I think I'll just start creating registries, randomly, for the fun of it.

Anyways, I'll leave you to consider doing that yourself, because you know it sounds SO FUN! I've got to head out to my non-writing life again.