This is for Marc, Curt-dog, Aaron, Derek, and of course, my dad.

So, a lot of our parties have come to pass. We had the amazing baby welcoming tea on Friday, which should not be underestimated. I know that some of you may be thinking tea? Bah. You have not had tea at Lavonne's house. I'm sure that you would have to spend at least a billion dollars to be allowed entrance to an afternoon tea like hers. It was warm, and beautiful, and caring, and I think the baby was welcomed well. We ate curried chicken sandwiches and cream cheese mint sandwiches, and scones and devonshire cream and lemon curd. And of course, my favorite, tea. And we sat around and talked about mommish things like poo and spit up and our crazy kids.

Then, on Saturday was our home warming party, which was a celebration of the fact that in June we moved from this home,

which was 280 square feet for our five person family, to another home, a wonderhome. It's a mansion to us, at just under 900 square feet, and the care and time that went into it were phenomenal. The guys here at the Land worked for hours and days to transform what used to be a hostel into a home for a family, adding a bathroom and changing the layout to include a couple of closets. They insulated, sanded the wood floors, painted, put trim around the windows, rescued an old unused clawfoot to be our bathtub, tiled the bathroom floor, and put up with two sets of tools being stolen in the time that they spent working on it.

Isn't it beautiful? It's still a work in progress, mostly the kitchen, which still needs a stove and an island and cupboards, but we love it. We are so thankful.

The girl with terrible posture is definitely me, I'm sad to say. Looks like more Pilates are in order.

So, tonight a birthday celebration, and tomorrow Thanksgiving! It's kind of a big deal here at the Land, we always have a ton of fun. We are sad that a good friend of ours was in a motorcycle accident on his way here, and that he's going to be in the hospital for at least two weeks with a severely broken leg, but we are very thankful that he's alive.

Be blessed and loved this Thanksgiving, and don't eat too many sweets. They cause cavities.