Day One

I might cry. I just lost my whole long post in an unfortunate accident involving a computer crash. No one else was hurt, but I don't have anything I wrote. Oy vey. Why do I never learn? I don't have the heart to try to write it again, so I'll just try to give you a point by point summary.

1. My superstar husband flew to Turkey today.

2. I'm crazy for saying, no, I don't mind if you go. I think I was still experiencing the euphoria of pain medication when I said that.

3. I like to torture myself by making decisions and then changing my mind when it is too late.

4. I aired all my apocalyptic fears while the poor man was trying to pack yesterday.

5. I don't deserve him.

6. It's mostly hard because Kid A's whining is making my hair fall out and Chinua is the good and patient one in the family.

7. But today went okay. Kid A whined a lot but banging my head sharply against the glass door a few times made me feel better. I dropped a mason jar into the toilet where it broke, and spent a few thousand minutes cleaning shattered glass out of toilet water. I played the no-nap game with the baby. I took care of some property tax issues. I fed my daughter sliced meat for a snack to keep her happy while I was on the phone.

8. The kids kissed me lots because I told them not to (what am I teaching them by extorting kisses through reverse psychology?) My mom folded laundry for me. Both my parents worked on painting my new home until late tonight.

9. We won't have to walk in the dark with the kids ever again until next winter. Thank you daylight savings time.

10. I'm really very glad that Chinua flew to Turkey today. It's just sad to be without him.

11. This post is much much worse than the one I wrote before and by the way, I'm joking about banging my head on the glass door.