Birthday Bash: In photos

Here are the players: Bria, Kid A, Jed and YaYa. Jed, Kid A's best friend, came for the weekend and Kid A's birthday which was perfect. Other attendants included some adults and some babies.

The first present Kid A opened was his "lightswords" which are actually light sabers. He has never been able to change over from calling them lightswords, like that, all one word, and he'll be quick to correct you if you call them anything else. Next he started to open this: a fishing game.

Suddenly, a little girl streaked past, shrieking "WOOOOO HOOOO!" Bria was very excited about the unwrapping of the presents, and she let him know.

Next Kid A started to open this gift.

It turned out to be a pair of super spy toy walkie talkies. This was also too exciting for Bria to contain. She was like the super sprite of the birthday world. A little fairy that showed up and bowled Kid A over with kisses every time he opened a gift. I wish we had it on video. I wish that we had captured every single kiss on camera. Oh well.

And there were many more gifts, but here is the crowning moment: Kid A's very own guitar. It's not as big as it looks.

And then, of course, it was time for cake.