I flit through topics like a bird

Does anybody else ever feel tempted to go and buy more pregnancy tests, after you discover you are pregnant, just to have the thrill of seeing that little line magically show up? Or is that just me?


Things I still have:

Pregnancy vitamins

About four pounds of pregnancy tea, made of Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Nettles, and Raspberry Leaf.  I can't extoll the benefits of this tea enough, however, it takes like food for horses.

Things I don't have anymore:

Maternity clothes


I am so big already. None of my pants fit. I can't believe that I went from wondering vaguely if there was something weird going on, a few days ago, to undoing the button on my pants repeatedly, only to do it back up when they fall down when I stand up, now. I look pregnant. There's no other word for it. I think I may have been in a strong form of denial, assuming there were other reasons for every symptom I had.


This seems like perfect timing. I think that if I had discovered that I was pregnant a few months ago, I would have stomped around whining, "It's my body! I'm not ready to share it again!" But now it's like my organs are telling me, "We were getting a little lonely in here anyways..."