So, how far along ARE you?

In answer to your questions... I have no flipping clue. How far along I am, that is. Which is a result of my poor memory and lack of cycle recording skills. I found myself looking through my planner, thinking, Thanksgiving... someone had cramps on Thanksgiving... nope, that wasn't me... I think it was before then...

If I had to guess, I'd say that I'm probably six weeks along. But it could be five. Oh, I really have no idea.

As for my expanding belly, let's just say that with Kid-A, it took four months before you could even tell that I was pregnant. But with YaYa? I was hounding the doctor at six weeks because I was SURE. I was SURE that I was having twins. But no. There was just one little baby acting as a placeholder in my belly. And then with Leafy the same thing happened. Also I gain more weight every pregnancy. Also I weigh more pre-pregnancy this time than after I had Leafy. I attribute some of it to my hair. But let's not focus too much on weight gain, shall we? I may start crying.

I like the way I always tell you things last minute, like the fact that we are flying to Detroit tomorrow to spend Christmas with Chinua's family. (Which promises to be a rocking, rollicking, late-night good time. I never understood my husband's leaning toward the very late night until I started hanging out with his family, and noted people casually hanging out at two in the morning like it was the middle of the afternoon.)

We are pretty excited, since we don't get out there nearly as often as we would like to. (They require an arm and a leg and your lips and a few eyelashes if you want to purchase a ticket. I did find an incredible deal if only we would fly on Christmas Eve, to which I replied, sign me UP.) And I've already been told to bring an extra suitcase. For gifts. I don't think I need to worry about the kids this year.

So, it may be a while before I get to see anybody about this pregnancy. This would not have gone over well in the past, but I've learned a little about babies in the womb. They usually do pretty okay if you just forget about them and eat really well and sleep when you need to and read to your kids.

(Rebeca thoughtfully asked about how I'm doing, considering my loss in the spring. Because it was an ectopic pregnancy, by the time I found out I was pregnant I had already been bleeding for a week and a half. This time I feel perfectly, normally, fine. I'm exhausted, slightly nauseous all the time (which previously I had attributed to getting sick in Burkina Faso. DENIAL.) a little cranky, overwhelmed by the Christmas stuff I have to do today, and not bleeding. Right as rain! The baby I lost is never out of my mind. But I feel calm and peaceful about this pregnancy.)