I won't be writing about makeup all that often

YaYa2, originally uploaded by journeymama.

Sometimes l like to wear a little eye makeup. It's fun. And what's even more fun is that I usually have a little crowd to watch me put it on.

The other day YaYa was watching me intently. She likes to follow each step and sometimes even make suggestions about how I should do what I do. Because she knows a lot about it.

But, she's really cute, and there's something so magical about your almost-three-year-old daughter watching you put makeup on. It's almost like those movies with women who actually wear dresses that aren't patchwork or from India and their small girls who watch them put their hair up and get ready to go dancing. Almost. What's not magical is your one-year-old eating your eyeliner.

But anyways. YaYa was watching me and then suddenly she said, very distinctly: "Trashy."

I looked at her, shocked. "What?"

She smiled, sweetly. "Trashy," she said, pointing to my mascara wand. I was floored. For one, a little mascara is NOT trashy, I mean, I could understand if I was pancaking it up or something, but come on. And then, has my daughter ever in her life heard the word "trash" as an adjective? No, not at all.

I finally realized she was saying "scratchy," about the way the mascara wand looked to her, in her YaYa way, the garbled way, which has become so much more clear in the last few months that I was taken off guard when I actually needed to decipher something.