More on the YaYa Sister

YaYa6, originally uploaded by journeymama.

Sometimes when life has become a little humdrum (remember that I am addicted to excitement) and things are just SO routine and SO repetitive, one of my kids will come into a season that is just like clouds moving away from the sun and we are all blasted with sparkling light.

This is YaYa lately, and I just want to record every moment of her existence lately, I want to write every single thing she says down. She's almost three, my baby girl, and somehow in the last couple of months she stepped into the spotlight, she grew up a bit, she came into her own.

Now she says she loves everything. Yesterday when I was getting her ready for bed she wriggled all over with a happy smile and said, "I LOVE it."

"What do you love?"

"My pull-up."

Kai told me today that when they go to the river she says she LOVES the river, and when we eat chips and salsa she says she LOVES chips and salsa. She has entered the world of her very vivid imagination and naps are no longer any problem (they rarely were to begin with) because she will lie in her bed and make her dollies talk to each other until she falls asleep. This is a typical conversation between her dollies. (Everything is "super" in our house. The babies are super-babies, the dollies are super-dollies, the kids have a super-cat and a super-horse and a super-monkey, and when they wake up they are super-dooper hungry. So hungry that they fall on the ground and claw at my ankles.)

Super-dolly # 1: I love you and love you and love you.
Super-dolly # 2: You're the good girl in the world.

As a result of YaYa's Uncle Matty calling her the cutest girl in the world every day that he sees her, YaYa uses the term "in the world" a lot, although she is a little shaky on how to use it. It doesn't stop her, though, and I don't stop her either, because I like to hear her say it the way she does. I figure she'll get it soon enough.

"I love you in the world." "You're the good one in the world." "It's big in the world." Gosh, rip my heart out with your adorability, much, YaYa?

Sometimes it is very, very rewarding to be this mama in this family.