Mommy blogging at its most effusive (correct me if I'm wrong)

Okay, maybe it's a little much to post yet another post about cute things my kids have done, but my thought life has been abysmal and they've been too cute for their own good.

The other day Kid A really really wanted me to help him write a letter for some friends of ours who live here with us.  I kept putting him off because I had phone calls to make and dishes to wash and laundry. He wouldn't let it go, though, and so finally we sat down and he dictated for me. And I thought, he's a writer! And then I thought, Rae, let it be what it is.  Because the last thing I want to do is dictate what profession my kids get into. They can be anything they want.  Except loggers.  Or those guys who do testing on animals. Or con artists. Unless they're cool con artists like those guys on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. So I guess there are some limitations. But you know, football player, lawyer, doctor, artist, whatever. I want to be supportive of my kids' dreams.

But tell me that this doesn't scream POET! This is a piece of what Kid A dictated:

"And a animal goes to try to get trash

and say God's Lord.

The animal jumps back down

to say God's Lord.

And trees that fall down

they stand back up

and turn around and stand back up

and trees are alive again.

Clouds that fall down,

refrigerators that stand up always."

Doesn't that feed your soul?

If you're wondering why the trees in Kid A's mind are less stable than the fridge, it's because we had a gigantic maple oak (Do you still live in Canada, Rae? you think. That you would confuse oak with maple?) fall on our Land last week. I kind of neglected to mention it. It was so big that it has taken the guys three days to try to cut it into huge rounds and move it away. It knocked down only one power line here, the one to our internet router, which caused Chinua and I to walk around in the dark and the rain plugging five outdoor extension cords into one another to run the power from another building. Because. You just can't not have internet when you live in the woods and trees are falling left, right, and center.

Also yes, animals eat our trash if we are careless. And we have a terrible infestion of skunks right now. Just a regular week at the Land.