Trip log: Day One

So, whaddya know, the best way to pack for a trip appears to be not at the last minute. And I'm speaking from the better side of the coin, the winning side, the one that isn't tearing her hair out and throwing loose socks in a torn plastic bag from Safeway while feeding the kids meat on a spoon.

I had a really great time packing this week. I took the time to do a good job, left my house clean enough for some friends to stay in while I'm gone, and even have the van organized. (A little, I'm not a different person, just more prepared).

I even put the jammies in a separate pocket of the suitcase so I could access them easier.

So, as a first stop for my trip I decided to drive only 45 minutes north, to the ranch of some friends and rest up for the drive ahead.

Today I started crocheting a cowboy hat. I'll let you know how it turns out, because in my mind there is nothing cooler than a crocheted cowboy hat. Chinua disagrees, but he is wrong, WRONG. I drank americanos, sat on a futon in the sun crocheting, chatted and laughed, and ate good food. My kids fed a bull, gave a horse some carrots, rode on his back, and played with the dogs. Leaf walked around and babbled and got into stuff and flirted with everyone, so he's probably had the least change in his routine, because that is pretty much what he does everyday.

I smelled roses, stared into the greenest hills, thought about my love far away, rested in the home of some very kind friends.

I guess you could say it has been beautiful so far.