A Family Portrait by the YaYa Sister

(I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the photos. I cannot figure out my mom's camera for the life of me.)

YaYa has always been an artist. She has drawn beautiful pictures for as long as I can remember, unlike Kid A, who has mostly scorned drawing. The other day a few of us sat around the table and she drew portraits of us.

[Anatomy of a YaYa portrait: It's pretty self-explanatory, really, the long straight line in the middle is a mouth. The dots above are eyes, the lines at the sides are arms. The only thing you might not see right away is that the dot underneath is a chin.]

First off, we have a portrait of YaYa's brothers.

I'm reasonably sure that the one on the bottom of the page is the Leaf Baby, and the one above, with the one leg, is Kid A. Why does Kid A look the way he does? Revenge, maybe? We may never know.

Next, we have a lovely picture of Aunt Becca. Notice that both of Aunt Becca's feet are securely set on the ground.  YaYa seems to be quite perceptive.  When she handed the picture to her Auntie, she said, "You're dancing."

And so she is.  Aunt Becca has a lovely egg shape, and her arms are wonderful and symmetrical.  What a beauty.

Next, YaYa drew her Uncle Matty.


She said, "You're dancing too." And so he is. We weren't quite sure what the horizontal-ish lines were in Uncle Matty's hair, but I would guess that they were either his sunglasses or his eyebrows.  One of the two.  Uncle Matty's chin is well-defined and his dance is a little wilder, he is dipping quite crazily. He also appears to be a little perplexed.

Next comes Grandma, with a very, very well-defined chin.

I can vouch for the fact that Grandma does not actually have a goatee. I'm serious. She really doesn't, She has a nice, bare chin. I particularly like the fact that Grandma seems to be itching to hop onto Uncle Matty and Aunt Becca's dance floor, but she is only allowing her right leg to do a little dancing. A little right-leg jiggle. And she's getting some groove on with her arms, too, it seems. Grandma has such lovely long legs.

One of my favorites is YaYa's self-portrait. I don't think she's dancing, really, she looks like she's flying. She looks like she'll land softly.

And then, of course, there's me. The Mama. Notice my gorgeously long tresses! Clearly YaYa was giving me a compliment when she drew my hair.

I'm not too sure about those legs, though.  And what is going on with my left eye?