Overheard while driving

Today I needed to go to the post office and Kid A was playing with his friend who lives here. This friend is almost exactly the same age as him, and lately they have been inseparable. These social behaviours of kids are so strange, you know? I mean, five minutes ago they couldn't play without fighting, and now suddenly it seems like they have a secret language.

Also, they make up songs.

They both wanted to come to the post office with me, and I can't blame them, since checking our post office box is the highlight of my day. You get to put the key in the little lock and then TURN IT and open that little door and maybe, just maybe, there will be something cool in there. Or maybe there will be four PG&E bills.  More likely four PG&E bills.  (For some reason that I have never been able to fathom, we have four different accounts for different parts of our property. When I have politely inquired, Headquarters has informed me that it is in my best interests to leave it alone. Laissez faire. Okay, I get the point, I say, but do you really need to be all mysterious about it?)

Anyways, I was in a fun mom mood, so I threw a couple of booster seats in the back of the car I was driving and we drove up past the honeysuckle and around the corner and onto the highway. On the way there the boys amused themselves immensely by pretending we were driving off of the cliff and into the other cars and stuff. Great fun.

On the way home they amused themselves (and me!) by singing this song:

"Get up, stand up- stand up for your rice.

Get up, stand up- don't give up the mice."

I couldn't believe my ears. Not only was it a Bob Marley remake, it involved both rice and mice, two very cool and important nouns, which deserve more lyrical attention in my opinion. They sang it all the way back down the highway and kept singing as we took the crazy left into our driveway, past the sign, around the ponds, and back home.