I have been sick.

Some lame stomach bug. Puking and all that. You really wish you cleaned your bathroom better, every time you have the stomach flu, let me tell you. Live and don't learn.

Our internet has been sick too. Not communicating well with the mother ship, or satellite, or whatever.  Don't you think it's weird that we get our internet from a satellite? If I see myself on my stats, I register as Unknown Country. That's pretty cool, don't you think?

An Unknown Country. A place where they sit in peace and don't have stomach flu, where they can get on the internet at hours other than midnight, where the babies don't grow up and that isn't wrong.

I don't want my Leaf Baby to grow up. I know that's wrong, and really, I do want him to grow up, to be normal, to have a life, but also, I want to smush his cheeks forever, while I say, "Chubby bunny, chubby bunny" without him pulling away and saying, Mo-ommmm. Is that too much to ask? Or how about if he could just babble like he does now, forever, acting like he's having a conversation but really making no sense? It's adorable.

Oh jeez. It's obviously past my bedtime. Just wanted to let you know a little of what's been going on around here.