I'm stunned

This just in.

That big storm that just happened? The one that raged the West Coast?

It absolutely obliterated our old house. Four big Douglas Firs fell, and at least a couple of them fell into the house, crushing the roof to the floor. IT'S GONE.

If we had been living there, we would have died. If we had happened to be away, all of our stuff would be destroyed. Our friends Mike and Julie were living there while the sale closed. They moved out two weeks before the storm.

It's working out okay for the people who bought the Land, because they have some nice insurance. No one was living in the house at the time of the storm. The man who bought the land was sleeping in one of the bedrooms while he prepared the house for rental and left THAT DAY to go back to his house in Blue Lake, because he was frustrated with the rain. THAT DAY. The room he was sleeping in was crushed. It was our old room.

Sometimes a few things are clear. Once again, I hear from God that no matter what happens, we will be okay. Just like in the case of our car crash.

And sometimes you find that things are just finished. I feel that it is now beyond the shadow of a doubt; this timing of our move. We discussed whether to stay another winter. We discussed whether to wait on the sale. It was absolutely perfect timing- the timing of the sale. It was absolutely the right person to sell to, someone who has the ability to bring contractors in immediately, rather than another non-profit who would be more devastated by the loss of that building.

We are affirmed and stunned. We are so thankful.