It was my Superstar Husband's birthday yesterday.

We didn't plan a whole lot.  I was rather at a loss.  My hands feel rather full, lately.

But I made him an omelette for breakfast, with some yogurt and chai on the side.  He liked it.

He's 35 and I can't imagine ever not having him beside me.

We decided to be spontaneous.  Let's just drive!  So we got into our little little van and drove to a beach north of here.

Right away I spotted the purple flowers.

My flower loving heart has been in a state of bliss lately.  All the flowers and their cousins have come out to see the post-monsoon sun.

We laid out our bedsheet and sat down quickly so it wouldn't blow away.  The kids ran and played in the sand and the surf, and Chinua and I sang together.  He had his traveler guitar, one that a good friend gave to him right before we left.

The beach was not too crowded.  But a group of men came by at one point and stood, looking at us.  We sat and kept singing.  We talked a little and then they went on their way.

I used my body to shelter Solo from the wind.

The kids played tic tac toe in the sand.

When we were hungry we packed up and drove off to find some food.  We ate on a little plastic table set out on the beach in the village we will be moving to soon.  I was excited to see how many kids there were.  We talked about the year... it has been a momentous one for both of us.

Chinua juggled for a while on the beach, and the people at the table next to us broke into applause at a particularly good trick.  The kids ran panting and laughing in a circle around him while he juggled.

On our way, in the dark, back to our van, we found a shop where the birthday man picked out some clothes.  The shopkeeper joked with him and chased the kids through the racks of clothing.  The clothes were beautiful and very easy on our budget.

Chinua told me, as we kept walking in the dark, that this was one of his favorite birthdays ever.

I know that it was one of my favorite days ever.   What a happy birthday.