Is a pickle with a slice of Jarlsberg cheese wrapped around it considered food?

Why is my eyelid twitching all the time?

What will help me stick to my schedules instead of writing them out and then ignoring them?

Does googling endless queries about mosquitoes and shipping containers count toward preparing for a big move?

Why do my children take great joy in pretending their basmati rice is a pile of little worms (maggots) while they eat it?

What does it say about you if you realize that the only piece of furniture you don't want to leave behind is your mattress? (and memory foam topper?)

Speaking of sleeping, how does one rid oneself of crazy tormenting dreams about mean people?

Why does the movie Anne of Green Gables soothe me so? And why did I think the acting was perfect when I was a kid?
Where did YaYa's other pink sock go?

Why does Leafy swing from cuddly saint to terror child?

Why does Kid A swing from melancholic tyrant to sunny delight?

Who poured my glass of juice down the drain?

Where do those tiny K-nex go?

Why is exfoliating so delightful?

Why are my dreadlocks so linty? (I'm going to write a song called lint in my dreads. It goes, Lint in my dreads, Lint in my dreads, I've got lint in my dreads, lint in my dreads, like that. Maybe I'll add a verse that goes Trying to get it out, trying to get it out...)

What it is about a down comforter?

Do I like Chinua's face better with a beard? Or shaved?

How tall will my kids be when they're done growing?

Why is it so hard to find a decent cup of tea in a coffee shop?

How do people find time to style their hair? Maybe they choose to do it because of the lack of lint?

How many years will it take me to knit this sweater?

Am I the only one who is repulsed by sweets when I'm pregnant?

Did you know that my friend Chad is turning eight this Leap Year? Which means he's really thirty-two? (I could actually be wrong about that. I think that's what's happening.)

What's the funny sound my van is making?

And finally, whose idea was it to put cheap plastic toys that are really candy dispensers next to the cash register at Target, causing me to have to have a discussion about what is cheap vs what is quality every single time we go?

And whose idea was it to invent a toy for little girls called Bratz? Who does that help?