Cletus Take the Reel

I'm here to confirm that the rumor is true. And I think I've finally found a name and a domain, which held us up like nothing else could. I am so completely tickled that Chinua is going to be blogging. Because he's crazy. And awesome. And silly. And deep. This will be fun.


I have big plans for myself today. I will accomplish more than any human being has ever accomplished on a sunny Saturday in March or keel over trying! Or maybe I should lower my expectations a little, but did you hear that I need to pack up? ACK. (How many times have we been through this?) It's good that I just recently went through everything, when we moved from the Land, but moving cities is a little easier than figuring out what to put in the backpack and what to send on the ship.

Anyways. There may be painting in my plans today, also. Like a carrot in front of a horse. I mean, painting on canvas, not on walls, because what kind of carrot would that be?

Now, for your Saturday enjoyment, here's Cletus Take the Reel, a hilarious parody of Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood, but really a parody of the Nashville music video world. So silly.