New Habits

1. Reaching into your diaper after you have pooped, and then coming towards me (or Grandpa) with outstretched hands. Totally, completely, and fully a disgusting habit.  Please cease and desist forever and ever.

2. Falling to the ground crying.  Why?  Because Grandma said that she turned the heat up.  Because the juice isn't coming fast enough.  Because someone looked at you.  Not cool, son, not cool.

3. Repeating what I say back to you in a sassy voice.  For instance, "Look at my eyes, Leafy."  "You look at MY eyes."  Not okay.  Just not okay.

4. Peeing on the floor.  See number one.

5. Carrying your little teddy bear everywhere with you, so that you look like an adorable cartoon version of yourself.  Awesome.  Totally endearing.

6. Saying, "Can you hug me?" when you are in distress.  Um- I might keel over?  From love.

7. Putting your soft little hands on either side of my face when we are cuddling.  Oh Leafy, I love you.