We have about four more days to get ready to fly away.


FOUR. DAYS. Until I move with my family to India.

What do you think the chances are that I can have Leafy fully potty-trained by then?

No, I thought so too. Bummer.

We fly to Turkey, and then Israel, and then from Jordan to India. Because moving with your family is not enough when you are six months pregnant and everyone is still five and under. We have to throw a little backpacking and rustic camping in the hills of Turkey in there too.

But the truth is that I'm looking forward to this more than almost anything in years and years. And then at night before I drop off to sleep I start thinking about moving away from EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.

And then I ask Chinua to hit me over the head and knock me out.

Because the truth is, as I've learned during this month in Canada, there are plenty of things in the world that are more important than Mexican food and Target.

(Seriously, though- we are so excited. I'll write a serious post about it soon. I promise. When I'm feeling more sane. FOUR DAYS! SERENITY NOW!)