Arrived have we

Look how good the kids are in the van:

Leaf in the car.jpg

YaYa in the Car.jpg

Shoes in the car.jpg

Except that the last picture is a shot of my shoes, not of Kid A, because Kid A was so far in the back of the van, surrounded by so much stuff, that a photo opportunity did not present itself.

We're here! Whew. I need to chill a bit, and then tomorrow I'm going to bake another cake for a second (family) birthday celebration, which is also simply an opportunity to bake that spice cake again. Mmmm mmm.

But what I want to tell you about is my friends in Portland who are the cutest and most creative girls in Portland. (Possibly.)

They make hats and other clothing out of recycled teddy bears, like this hat that Leafy is sporting. (This is the face he made when I said "Smile!")

Luv Again Leafy.jpg

But not just kids' hats-- also hats for grownups who love stuffed animals. I tried on a koala and a red bear.  Check out their Myspace Page and harass them for online ordering.

More later. The men have cooked, tonight, and now we eat.