I had to bend in half to get into the little cubicle where the computer is

I wrote you all a lovely post the other day and was going to post post it.  Get it?  But the usb drive on this computer in this incredibly strange internet cafe doesn't seem to be working, so I can't use my jump drive, and so yeah. Huh.

We have moved in to our little home in the jungle. I love it. I've started building a little nest, which isn't the easiest because we are housesitting, so there's a whole lot of other people's stuff here. But I think we'll manage fine.

At night sometimes I look up into the dark and see fireflies talking to each other.

Have you ever played war, the card game, with a five year old, a four year old, and a two year old? Where when finally the two year old stops crying every time we take his cards away from him, he ends the game by taking off running down the house with the cards he doesn't want to relenquish in his hands, little bottom in little undies and all?

We are working on our internet solution, at which time so much posting will go on, your heads will be spinning... you will love the photos of the kids in their new Indian clothes. Ahhhhh...