Okay... deep breath

This morning I went to the market to get some food, but the scooter wouldn't start, so I needed to get a taxi.  This was alright, because it enabled me to get enough rice to last us several months at a wholesale place.  Then after marketing, I wanted to do internet stuff, so (the scooter was fixed by this time) I drove out to a little beach village, but right when I got started, a planned power outage took away the village's power.  So I had to drive to another village.   And pay some bills.  And now... hmmmm.

Well, lists are fun.

Let's see.

Vegetables and fruits we bought in the market today:

1. Brinzel (eggplant)

2. Tomatoes

3. A dozen mangos

4. Tiny bananas that I adore

5. Lemons (to make lemonade)

6. Chilies

7. Potatoes

8. Ghobi (cauliflower)

9. Palak (spinach)

10. Coriander (cilantro)

11. Onions

Things we bought in the supermarket which is not much like what you would imagine when you think supermarket:

1. Dahl (lentils)

2. Curd (yogurt)

3. Mosquito coils

4. Chini (sugar)

5. Atta (flour)

6. Kismis (raisins)

And much more...

Bodies of Water that Kid A has been swimming in in his short lifetime:

1. The Eel River

2. The Boiling River in Yellowstone Park

3.  The Gulf of Mexico

4. The Pacific Ocean

5. Lake Superior

6. The Mediterranean Sea

7. The Sea of Galilee

8.  The Dead Sea

9. The Arabian Sea

10. What the heck is that lake called right by Chilliwack?  Oh yeah, Cultus.

11.  Some little lake in a state park in New Mexico

And I don't know if I'm forgetting any.

Types of vehicles my unborn baby has traveled in:

1.  Rickshaw

2. Tractor

3. Scooter (moped)

4. Bus

5. Light rail train

6. Taxi

7. Van

8. Car (is that cheating?)

9. Airplane

10. Boat

Number of bumps we have endured on these vehicles: about eighty million

Number of mayflies that landed on my bed the other morning, causing me to shriek and jump out of bed and not sleep any more: About eighty million

Stinkiest things in India:

1. Trash heaps

2. Dogs

3. The meat side of the market

4. The fish side of the market

5. That bowl of shrimp in the sun that a woman tried to sell me today

Number of monkeys the kids have seen in our back yard:  3 or 4

Stoked much?  Yes.

Number of birthday parties we have been invited to and attended so far: 1

Number of games of war we have played while waiting for our things to arrive: about eighty million

Estimated number of days until we have internet: One or two or thirty or never

Estimated number of days until our boxes arrive from the ship: One or two or thirty or never

How much I love my birth center:  As much as I love ice cream

Amount of ice cream eaten since arriving in India three and a half weeks ago: one scoop