Ex-mausted, as my Superstar Husband likes to say

The monsoon, she is back.

We had some weeks of sun.  Weeks when I was in the house.  But I do not complain, for the rice fields, they need rain.

I need to start doing Pilates.  My back, she is killing me.

Chinua and I went out for dinner last night.  It was lovely.  Solo did well.

He loves to be bathed.  He's very inquisitive.  He's just the best.  And he looks like me.

I wrote a new post about very strange goings on.

We have put a deposit down on a new house.  Or, houses.

We have one more friend who has arrived, named C.  (That's not really her name.  It would be a very strange name to give a baby, no?)  Again, we are stoked.  YaYa started filling her in on every single thing that has happened since we last saw her, in Israel, as soon as she walked in the door.

So we have two little houses.  Two bedrooms each, with an adjoining yard.  One for Renee and C, and one for us.  They are not Portuguese style, like the house we are in now, but regular concrete Indian houses with low ceilings.  We are going to make a garden in between them.  The house we will live in is still being built.

Have I mentioned that Solo smells really good?

Also that I love him?

But waking up with him at night makes me very, very tired.

Tired enough that I write a post like this.

And go to bed at half past 8.