A glimpse into the thoughts of my youngest son

Whoa! I'm falling! Oh, false alarm. No, I'm faaaallling! Oh actually, it's okay.  I'm not falling.

There's something soft! Maybe there's milk? I think it's milk! Not milk. It was worth a try.

Wow, that is the most beautiful line that I've ever seen. That line is ssooooo beautiful. I love that line.

I'm faaaaalllling! Oh, is that milk? Maybe there's milk! Something soft, it might be milk...

Oh my gosh, that is the loveliest shadow that I've ever seen.  I've never seen anything as beautiful as that shadow.  I think I'll lie here for a while and stare at that shadow.

Oh, I don't like lying at this angle at all. Not at all. Somebody change things quick!  This is so uncomfortable I just can't bear it! Why is no one moving me? Oh, softness!  Wait, is that milk?