Three Questions

1.  What kind of chubbiness is this?  I've never had such a deliciously plump baby before.  Very reassuring, since I've lost so much weight myself.  I would worry about the baby if he was not obviously a GIANT.  You know, a giant baby.

When my milk came in on the second day, my German midwife turned to my Israeli midwife and said, "Now we have make sure to feed RAE."  (I had been steadily losing weight through the last few months of my pregnancy.)

2. How can I keep Renee from threatening to eat my baby's nose?

3.  And, is this baby GOING TO HAVE RED HAIR?


4. Who let the dogs out?

5. Why can I not have the fraud reversed on my bank account, just because I am overseas?

6. Why can I not drive with my headlight on during the day here without several men shouting, Light! Light! at me as I drive by?  I appreciate the helpfulness, but Canadians like to have their lights on during the day.

7. Why did Jaya say that when I was pregnant I looked very old?

8. What is your very favorite book of all time?

9. And, how is it that I am scolded for my baby not having a hat on when we are out, when it is a hundred million degrees out, with humidity at 150% ?!!?