We are by no means tired of each other...

...but we are tired.

Yesterday the marriage of myself and my Superstar Husband turned seven.

There was a study done awhile ago about romance being rekindled by embarking in new activities together.

"... several experiments show that novelty — simply doing new things together as a couple — may help bring the butterflies back, recreating the chemical surges of early courtship."

If this is the case; we're onto something with this whole "moving to a country far far away" business.

But yesterday we were house hunting.  It was my first time out with Solo, and by the time we got home I was so exhausted that I begged to postpone our anniversary dinner until tonight.  I didn't want to be falling asleep at the table.

Today Chinua has been in bed, suffering from some sort of immune system overload.  He's just conked OUT.   Poor poor man.

And so, today, we postpone our night of gazing into each other's eyes again.

I'm just so glad that tomorrow we will have another chance.  And if that doesn't work out... the day after.  And another day and another day after that- because we decided to spend our life collectively elbowing each other while we sleep.  Marriage is amazing.

Happy anniversary to the most incredible person I have ever met in my life.  I love you.