He's drumming on the front porch, actually

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Kid A, inviting some of the friends that we've made during monsoon.

It was fun and a success, despite the fact that Solo picked yesterday as "Sleep is Optional" day. I read today that in the third week a newborn starts crying more. This is definitely true around here. And I think I have to stop drinking milk, because he's been pretty gassy. Sigh. No more chai for a while. But he's the sweetest thing.

I have some tidbits that I want to tell you. You know when things come up in comments and you're like... whoops, I wasn't totally clear, there.

1. I just want you to know that ALL of India is not wearing belted pads. I'll explain a little more about why I choose to wear them in a future post at Fly Fishes Fly. And I do have a Diva Cup for future use. (Thanks, April, for the offer to send me one!) But post-partum bleeding can't be dealt with with a Diva Cup.

2. Also, in my blue moments, I feel that I have not accurately represented how much help my Superstar Husband has been to me in these post-partum days. He has taken the kids out day after day, to give me space with the baby. He's everything I could ask for in a husband. (He's standing over my shoulder right now, making me write this. Just kidding, he has no idea that I'm writing this!)

Lately I've been slowly taking the role back of being the cook/teacher/care-giver with the kids, which hasn't always been easy. But no one is more willing than he to give me time away. And I will take the time! Oh yeah, and I do have a lovely baby carrier- I'll be using it more when we have our van, and when we're in walking distance of more things. For now I should just take the time I can for a spin on the scooter by myself, or a walk with the baby in the carrier.

3. And because so many have asked, here's all about these fishes and what they're doing so far from home: here.

4. And a new Flickr set- 365 Solo (Almost- not quite!)

Because we're far from friends and family, and because I want to see how he changes.