Day Seven: Roses

The other day I was riding through the jungle on the scooter and I smelled the most blissful smell.  As it turns out, it was not burning trash, it was a climbing rose that a village woman had woven onto a trellis. I knew immediately that it was time to get some roses.

So, today Renee and YaYa and I drove to the next sort-of-big town to purchase ourselves some roses for the garden. Wonderfully, they were only 20 rps for each plant. (About 45 cents.) The plants are pretty small, but they'll grow.  We also bought some more hibiscus and a night blooming flower and some little green fluffy frou frou things, to make things look more lush and less like a construction site.

Soon the meditations will start up, and then maybe some concerts, and I hope that during meditation, the scent of roses will come floating up to us, and that during a concert, we breathe in the fragrance of the blooms of a cousin of jasmine.