Day Eight: Lessons

I planted four of the rose bushes today.  They are blooming, to answer my mom's question.  They smell lovely, but I still have to get right up to them and stick my nose inside the flower to smell them.  Not that I'm complaining.

So here's something strange.  I bought Ratrani, which I told you about- the Queen of the Night flowering tree. My house owner and next door neighbor were happy to see this lovely flower, but a little agitated, because they say it brings snakes. So I googled it. On one site I saw mention of it bringing snakes (in India) but they said that the cure is to plant a C Diurnium plant beside it.  When I looked into it a little, I found that it is called Dinkiraja in Hindi, meaning King of the Day.  So, apparently the king and queen will keep one another in line. I'll be looking into it.

I'm learning to ask for help. IF that's what it is.  The kids and Renee and I parked down by the cliffs tonight, and then walked along them, to the fresh lake that is here in this town. We swam for a while, and Solo learned to blow bubbles in the water. (I swear the kid is turning into a fish.) Then we headed back for a bite to eat, and I called my husband.

I called my husband to come and help me reverse the car from the precarious parking space I had found for it.  Imagine a very old tiny van, parked facing down hill on a narrow Indian street, just after a T intersection.  To get out I needed to put it into reverse with the stick shift, and the clutch is always funny in reverse, while turning into a busy intersection, (ha ha, I can't believe I just called it a busy intersection.  Not a busy intersection, but one with people standing around in it, just standing around) while not hitting anyone.

I was dreading it while we were swimming, dreading it while we were walking, dreading it while we were eating.  And then the realization came to me: I don't need to spend my life in dread! I can phone a friend!  A friend who loves to help a wife in trouble.  And he rode the scooter down, in the rain, just to back the van up (it wasn't easy, even for him) and then I hopped in the driver's seat and we headed away. I could have done it, I know I could have. But I'm learning that even if I have the capability to do something, I can still ask for help.  And then at the end of the day there isn't even anybody keeping score, ready to say, "You used up your coupons on that one. You should have saved them for when you really needed help, because now you have a flat and no spare."

I'm thankful that the lessons I'm learning are good ones, about love and trust and admitting when you are weak and you need someone to floor the gas and let off the clutch and speed backwards without running anyone over.  Because for whatever reason, you just can't do it yourself.