Three: Mostly about food except for the toothbrush

Grace in Small Things:

1. People in the village have this thing about brushing their teeth outside, so that in the morning you can look any which way and see someone brushing his or her teeth.  Today I was out on the scooter on the way to the veggie stall and I saw a man on his scooter with a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, which was taking it to a whole other level.  It made me smile.

2. Speaking of the veggie stall, I was buying veggies there today, since it was my day for cooking lunch. (We eat lunch together every day and alternate with the cooking.  People often join us, so there is always a different crowd around the circle.)

As I was about to leave, with my potatoes and tomatoes and spinach and onions and chillies, one of the guys who works there said, "Wait.  Oranges?"  Because I hadn't got my daily dose of mandarins to supply my children with for their orange habit.  And I love to buy food from people who remember my children's orange habit.

3. One of my guests brought me some strudel last night, and we didn't end up eating it together, so I had some for breakfast.  Strudel for breakfast is really yummy.

Except that the ants had got to it, and there were dozens of them, so I had ant strudel.  I put it in the fridge to stun them first, and then got as many as I could off, then just closed my eyes to eat the rest.

And now I am explaining how I stun ants by refrigerating them and then eat them.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger here.

The point is strudel for breakfast.  Yum.

4. My neighbor told me that I can use the curry leaves from her plant anytime that I need them.  Fresh curry leaves from just over the wall.

5. Hummous for dinner that wasn't quite creamy enough, but still delicious.