A Little Bit of Random, and a Question.

First of all, this man is incredible.

Man of the Decade

I mean, check out the photo.  It's obvious that he's one of a kind, one of a beautiful kind.

And then I would like to say that when I moved back to San Francisco when Kid A was a toddler, every homeless person who I stopped to talk to would mention that they sure do grow up fast.  "Treasure them," they all said.  And I nodded blithely in my 23-year-old way.

But today I was looking for the perfect picture to illustrate just how much Solo looks like Leafy and I found THIS. (A picture of neither Solo nor Leafy.)

Back on Kid A's fourth birthday

OH MY WORD.  It's Kid A's fourth birthday, and he's looking pretty much as he's looked since he was born, but YAYA!   I want to cuddle that girl in that photo, just one more time, but now she's a lanky five-year-old, and if this trend continues, at this time next year, she'll be an even lankier six-year-old.

She sounds less like a duck than she used to, too.

Oh, and I found my first white hair. I pulled it out and woke Chinua up to show him.  And then I carefully carried it downstairs to show it to my sister. I would have walked down the hill with it to show Cate, but that might have been overdoing it.  It was wiry.

We are all getting older.

Here's the Question.  Questions.  Interrogation.

Are you ready?

1. Why do you come here?

2. Is there something you'd like to read more of?  What are you interested in?

3. Is there anything that I write about that you feel "hits the spot" like the perfect latte?

4. Who am I?

5. What is my purpose in life?

Okay, all but the last two are real questions.  I'm intensely curious about the wherefores and whys of how this blog will continue. (I am not going anywhere, but trying to shape my writing into something of order.)  I would love to get the feedback of my friends, the people who read these words that come flowing from the fingers that first learned how to touch type in the seventh grade.