Chocolate and Code

When I woke up this morning, Leafy was attempting to glue pieces of paper together with my Burt's Bees chapstick.

And on that note, he'd like to demonstrate the proper way to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Dipping in

Leafy sincerely believes that a spoon is necessary for maximum hot chocolate enjoyment. Some people may find this method slow, but Leafy says, "Oh no, no no no.  It's delicious."

The taste

Beyond even recommending this hot chocolate, Leafy would like to endorse it.  And he'd like to do it wearing a muscle shirt with a tiger on it. (I didn't buy it, it was a kick down.  But I think it's cute.)

Full on

You really need to make sure that you get the hot chocolate all the way into your mouth.


Taste sensation!


Whew.  Time for the next sip.

(PS.  That time of year has come again, when one of our nearest and dearest bravely makes his way to a remote spot in Turkey.  I may not say so much directly about it, right now, but know that the fort is being held down by my sister and I, and that I am hoarding the chocolate so as not to go crazy before the middle of next month.  Send money.  I mean, chocolate. I mean, prayers for sanity.  Thanks.)