Children's Home in Need of Help

My good friends, Carrien and Aaron, founders of The Charis Project, have been working hard for a while now to gather support for a children's home in Thailand.  The home is a safe place for over forty children who have been displaced because of vicious attacks on their tribes in Burma.  Wandering in search of safety, they were found by a man named Chala.

This man has dedicated his life to taking care of these kids, but because he was born in a time and place that does not permit him to have the kind of wealth it takes to raise 40 kids, we have the unique opportunity to help him. If he cannot gather the support he needs to take care of them, the children's house will not be able to continue.

The Charis Project is trying to gain 80 sponsors by the end of June.  I just signed up to sponsor.  As I was going through the site, I read of a boy named Saewang, who lost both of his parents due to violence "between the Burmese military and Karen soldiers."  Once again I'll say that I have no idea what it is like to live in a country where my own government would kill me or my parents without thought.  I have no idea what it is like to be 11 and just barely landed, my feet just dusting the ground because I would like to stay in my new home... but will it still be standing?

The website makes it clear that without the safety of the home, Saewang and kids like him will be in danger of starvation, violence, sex-trafficking and exploitation.

I have seen so many good and bad waves sweeping across this global community of the interwebs.  Gossip, mild entertainment, wonder, comparison, thankfulness, and passion.  I would like this to be one of the scenarios where we turn something around.  For forty kids, it is a life altering month.

Please post about this, tweet about it, sponsor a kid or two, (they are looking for 80 sponsors because each child needs two- one for housing and food and one for education) join the cause on facebook, and make up a song to sing about it.

You can read Carrien's post here.

Check out the Charis Project website here.

Join the facebook cause here.

And sponsor a child here.