After the rain

This evening, after a day of hard rain and fog, there was so much sky that it seemed impossible.  Kid A and I glimpsed pink over the hilltop through the tiny kitchen window, and then we ran outside to see the rest.  I had Solo in my arms. Chinua was away, and the kids and I had just finished dinner.  Aloo Gobhi; potatoes and cauliflower-- their favorite. I'd thrown in carrots for the orange.

We didn't look down into the valley, because all the radiance was up and over the mountains.  Great swathes of pink cloud contrasted with sky of a blue that was the first blue ever seen; a newborn blue. YaYa danced on tiptoe in leftover puddles and said, "This is soooo beautiful!  Even as beautiful as a rainbow!"

To the left was an intense monochrome, layers of clouds tipped silver and grey and feather white. Steel clouds and platinum.  I looked for a minute, but loving color, turned back up to watch the pinks and blues shift and change for as long as they were there.

After a while, I looked around me, and there, down on the path, was my husband, holding a closed umbrella that was almost the same blue as that sky.  He was smiling, just watching me watch the clouds and their journey.  I had no idea how long he'd been there.

He smiled into my eyes from that far away and at that moment a whole flock of birds broke into flight inside me.  They almost carried me off into the sunset I'd been watching, but... ah well. Everything was shifting to dark blues and greys, and so we carried the color along inside with us. It was time for pyjamas and goodnight stories and the well lit circle of home.