And the results are...

Almost unanimously fitted!

(By the way, I'm not planning to buy any sheets or anything; upon being reintroduced to fitted sheets, I got all philosophical and needed to know what you thought, that's all.)

I was surprised, to be honest.  I thought it would be a little more balanced, that more people would be on the side of flat.

I think I like fitted sheets here, where there is more cupboard space and you can ball them up if you want to, or do that fancy corner tuck thing if you want to. But in India, where I have one tiny shelf for all our sheets, I like them flat.  They have to be really big though, so there is enough to tuck under the mattress, and they stay put.  But I usually end up shaking them off and retucking them every day anyways, because of the sand. (It sticks!  Even if I get it off of me, it's on my feet again from the floor!  There is sand everywhere. EVERYWHERE!)

I am reminded everyday that India is just so different from here. Things that work here don't work the same way there. And vice versa.  It is part of the beauty of letting go, to just let things be different, without so much regret.

Today I finally got the registration tags for my van, and when I took it to put fuel in it, I had a mind blank!  Where was the latch that released the fuel door thingy?

I couldn't find it anywhere.  The gas attendant had a go. He couldn't find it.  Then this guy got off his motorcycle and looked all around the van interior.  And another guy. And one guy shouted instructions from the side. And I pulled out the manual. Finally the motorcycle guy said, "I'm just going to walk away from this situation," but it was okay, because a few minutes later I found it. Whew.