It's not the easiest thing to recap the adventures of a week. I'll try.

We were staying with some friends outside of Sacramento. It's the coolest thing when you know people for years and years and you have two little girl babies who are only three weeks apart, and one thing, you're at a Mother's Day party with your tiny newborns, sleepless and exhausted and happy, and next thing you know...


Dressing alike

They're six! And that means dressing alike in any way they can, as in the photo above and...

Dressing alike 2


Water wings

It even includes water wings. But that water was a little cold for my kids who are used to the Arabian Sea.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Our hosts did an excellent job of showing us around, which is no easy feat, since sometimes hosting us feels like this:

A good host

We stayed in Chrys's studio. She's a magnificent artist, so every night it was sort of like going to sleep in a beautiful dream world and my dreams were filled with charcoals and oils.  Her site is here. (On the left is a grid and the fifth painting from the top on the left hand side is called Transfiguration. That's my favorite, though they're all beautiful.)

This is Jacob. He drives this crazy thing:

Jacob in the Pinzgauer

Sometimes with kayaks.


We all went to the lake nearby. Oh golly, the fun!

Going to the lake

It was hot in Sacramento.

Kid A in the Kayak

Kid A did some kayaking while anchored by a rope that Jacob was holding. It was pretty cool for him. YaYa went out the same way, and Leafy went on Chrys's lap. Chrys and I took the kayaks out and saw mud swallows under the bridge on the columns, a hundred feet up. Between the swallows and the glimmering sparks of the light on the water on the way back, it was heavenly. I need a kayak.


These boys watched very seriously.

Running to see the bunnies

Our friends have made this wonderland of strawberry plants and a veggie garden and ridiculously fragrant herb garden, as well as bunnies and chickens and turkeys, all in their backyard. The girls played with the bunnies, and Kid A helped his friend feed the animals every day.


All in all we managed to keep cool and have a lot of fun.

By the pool

Shower at the pool

Jacob and Chinua also put skins on drums and spent a lot of time playing them.  It was a beautiful time. I'm very thankful.