A recommendation

To those who are in the house with their kids (and even those who are not) I highly recommend taking an evening walk at the end of the day.

Just get all of yourselves out in the evening air.

Evening walk-2.jpg

Evening walk-3.jpg

Evening walk-1.jpg

Evening walk-4.jpg

Everything will become beautiful again.

Evening walk-7.jpg

Luminous, really. Mysterious and sensory, rather than old and tedious and squabbly.

Evening walk-5.jpg

Evening walk-6.jpg

Your kids will sparkle in the outdoor air. Their cheeks will be so inviting and soft, ready for a squeeze or a smooch. You may sigh and look off into the distance and come back to yourself, back to thankfulness and rest.

Evening walk-11.jpg

Evening walk-10.jpg

You will see them as though they are brand new.

Evening walk-8.jpg

Evening walk-9.jpg