Potatoes from a friend's garden and green goo too.

We're swooping through the ranch to get our stuff out of storage and say hello, and along the way what is better than harvesting a few potatoes and cooking them up for dinner?

Potatoes from Tj's Garden-11

Well, it's true that Tj is way cooler than me, and here's the proof.






Oobleck. It's cornstarch and water, mixed with a little food coloring, and I have to say that I shudder away from such mess, but Tj doesn't. She's not afraid of a little mess when kids can enjoy themselves like this!

We had a messy day... lots of clothes being changed, lots of dunks in the bath. Oh, oobleck. Oh, basement storage. Oh, muddy hills to slide down. Oh, harvesting chickens.

All I know is that I am plopping these children straight into the van in the morning, before Tj and Mark can get their hands on them again.